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The first trip of the Tesla truck

Elon Musk, the head of Tesla, announced that a first transport was carried out by Tesla Semi Trucks. Autonomous vehicles departed on a long journey.

Two e-trucks transported the batteries produced at Gigafactory in Nevada to the car factory in Fremont, California, covering 435 km. That’s half of the potential range of trucks, which is about 804 km, at maximum load.


The new electric UPS truck will not be more expensive than the diesel counterparts

UPS has recently started a cooperation with a truck manufacturer – Workhorse Group.

UPS wants the operating costs of a new electric vehicle charged from the grid to be lower than the cost of a vehicle with similar equipment, but powered by gasoline or diesel.

At the beginning, 50 vehicles will be created, which are to appear on the roads later this year. UPS will test vehicles mainly on city routes in the US, including in Atlanta, Dallas and Los Angeles. After real-time test deployments, UPS and Workhorse will tailor the project and start expanding the larger fleet in 2019.

As Workhorse assures, the fuel efficiency of electric vehicles is better by almost 400 percent in comparison with the internal combustion engines.



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