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Soon roadside remote sensing will appear in Europe, which will help detect the level of emissions. The sensors will function similarly to speed guns and issue fines to those who emit too many pollutants. The first devices of this type will be introduced in Spain, specifically in Madrid.

As part of the European LIFE GySTRA project, two roadside sensors which control the level of emissions and analyze it in real time will be launched in the capital of Spain this year. If the emissions are above a certain threshold, the device will issue a ticket. This is the first device of this type in Europe – informs the Spanish newspaper „El Español”. After successful tests in Madrid, the solution will be implemented in other European cities.

How will new sensors work?

New devices will be able to detect emissions of carbon monoxide (CO), oxides and nitrogen oxides (NO and NO2), as well as carbon dioxide (CO2). These devices use the RSD + remote sensing system, capable of analyzing the concentration of pollutant gases. This types of sensors are based on optical techniques that use infrared rays and ultraviolet rays of low intensity. They are used to measure the actual level of vehicle emissions.

The radar’s task will be to detect very serious anomalies and punish vehicle owners who commit negligence or fraud related to manipulation in emission reduction systems (e.g. by removing a particle filter or an EGR valve).



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