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First Volvo electric tractor units approved for UK Government’s £25,000 plug-in grant

Volvo Trucks has become the first truck manufacturer in the UK to have four different models of low emission vehicles approved for the UK Government’s plug-in grant of up to £25,000 on new registrations, including the International Truck of the Year 2024-winning Volvo FH Electric.

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This follows the approval of the FH Electric and FM Electric, both as 4×2 tractor units with a maximum of six batteries. The FM Electric can even be specified to meet the three-star Direct Vision Standard, making it the ideal city truck.

Both models join the Volvo FL Electric 4×2 rigid, and the FE Electric 6×2 rigid, which have already been approved for the grant.

Terms of the large truck grant scheme allow a business, organisation or individual to receive up to five large truck grants each financial year (1 April to 31 March) at £25,000, with 100 large truck grants available across the market annually.

Once these limits have been reached, the grant will be paid at £16,000 for the next 250 grants, and each business, organisation or individual can get up to 10 grants at the £16,000 rate.

After that limit is reached, a company, organisation or individual can apply for a maximum of £5,000, subject to the 1,500 grants per customer limit.

Hannah Mayo, Director of New Vehicle Sales, Volvo Trucks UK & Ireland, says:

 “We ended last year with more than 250 electric truck orders secured for the UK and Irish markets. With the grant now extended to include the FH and FM Electric, there’s an extra incentive for UK fleets to begin the transition. Plus, with the grant scheme soon resetting for the new financial year, it’s the perfect time to be preparing applications.”

Volvo Trucks adds that all Volvo Trucks dealers are familiar with the grant process, and are ready to make applications on behalf of customers for new registrations. Claims cannot be made retrospectively.