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Pilot Flying, whose nomination is being nominated in the Sixth Annual Road Warrior Program, the company’s President says his way is to „identify many exceptional drivers for the industry and our economy.”

The winner gets a grand prize of $10,000. The winner in the second place receives $ 5,000, and $ 2,500 goes to the third position. People who receive the winner’s nomination receive $ 500.

Pilot Flying President Ken Petr said that every year, we’re excited to celebrate professional drivers and to show appreciation for the excited work and commitment to delivering goods that make everyday life possible. „The road warrior program is our way of thanking and approving many exceptional drivers for the industry and our economy.”

According to the company, the decision of the nominees on the effect of the nominee is taken in the industry, in their community and in the amazing nature of their story. Pilot Flying will pick three finalists, which are professional drivers and pilot flying, whose social media community members vote in seven days in August. People can vote once a day. The winner will be announced during the week in the appreciation of the driver during September.

UPS Driver, and Full-Time Mom’s Victoria Andred, was named as the Grand Prize Road Warrior of 2018. The pilot flying for the dedication of Indred Industry and his family, which was recognized by J. To help support eight of her brothers and pay for college education, the USS Began to work as a part-time car washer on. Andrade graduated with his degree and UPS Living with, USS To become a feeder driver, adopt the way to become the first woman in South Texas.

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