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France’s National Federation of Road Transport (FNTR) has confirmed that the European Commission has yet to make any progress regarding the scrapping or relaxation of France’s unpopular blind spot sticker regulations.

The FNTR, much like their counterparts in the Netherlands and Germany, oppose the new rules and are doing all they can to have them removed or at least relaxed.

In order to achieve the latter, the FNTR contacted the Road Safety Department of the European Commission, citing opposition from themselves and other road transport associations across Europe.

In a statement, the FNTR said that the EU had informed them that the French authorities had been contacted regarding an extension of the grace period for the new rules, as well as the implementation of some flexibility regarding where the stickers must be placed.

The European Commission says the French Ministry of the Interior was prepared to allow an extension of the grace period, but the Ministry of Transport refused to comply with the request.

The FNTR states the European Commission will continue dialogue with the authorities in France, and will ask the IRU to gather further information on all the difficulties encountered by foreign companies in buying and placing the stickers appropriately. It says the challenge for the European authorities now is to see each country propose similar measures without the coordination of the 27 member states.

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