Fortnite: How to Complete the 15 Bouncy Ball Toy Challenge

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Season 8 for Fortnite has been very thrilling and full of surprises for fans, as this new season brought plenty of new content to enjoy in the title.

Various speculations and data mines are hinting towards a volcanic eruption which would officially begin the series of exclusive events, but until then fans have plenty of other tasks and events to complete.

These list of new tasks includes Floor is Lava Limited Time Mode, complete one lap of the racing track at the Happy Hamlet, completing 15 bounces from the Bouncy Ball and many others.


Fortnite gamers will have to at least reach till the tier 26 for the Battle Pass, as by doing so players will be able to unlock the unique Ball Toy item. If you have almost reached close to tier 26, then collecting the battle Star for season 8 would be the most viable option to achieve the set target of tier twenty-six.

Once you reach level 26, a new item would be available in your inventory, which would be a Bouncy Ball Toy which you can carry with you in a match. Players will have to select this Ball Toy item before entering the game as this item is not a fundable item in the game.

One of the challenges this week will require players to bounce this Ball Toy 15 times in one go, but it would be a little tricky to properly execute this task as this ball is very unstable and can go very far away in a single jump.

So all the players who are looking for a way to complete the latest Battle Pass event of bouncing the Ball Toy 15 times should use this item at a location which is enclosed and has very limited escape passage so that the ball can jump multiple times in one through.

Try to bounce the Ball Toy at small shacks, bathroom location or small bedrooms could be the best places where the 15 bounces can be completed due to the roof above and all sides closed which would hinder the ball from escaping.

The Ball Toy is extremely sensitive object ever added in the title as the moment this ball is thrown, it starts to bounce unexpectedly in random directions and becomes impossible to find again, so using this ball emote inside a house or a hut is best means to complete the Bouncy Ball Toy challenge.

Although this is a simple task to complete, still the uncertainty factor of the Bouncy Ball Toy makes it much more fun. Players will be undoubtedly excited to experience this unique in-game interaction, and hopefully, these new challenges make the gameplay for the Fortnite fans much or pleasing.

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