Fourkites announces enhanced partnership with Zebra Technologies

FourKites, one of the world’s leading real-time supply chain visibility platforms, has announced an expansion of its partnership with Zebra Technologies Corporation. As part of the deal, Zebra shall be reselling FourKites’ Dynamic Yard and real-time visibility platform within its suite of asset visibility solutions.

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In a statement outlining the expanded partnership, FourKites said that Zebra’s MotionWorks Yard solution would now combine Dynamic Yard with Zebra locationing hardware and professional services. It added that MotionWorks Yard would continue to be sold directly by Zebra and through select PartnerConnect channel partners in North America and Europe.

Together, the two companies say they have set out to modernize the digital supply chain and help eliminate information silos to provide companies with end-to-end visibility of their freight.

The two teams will now collaborate further in a bid to increase the in-yard and over-the-road capabilities of their customers.

“Businesses want real-time visibility into their goods and assets throughout the journey — from the manufacturing facility to the final destination,” said Drew Ehlers, Global Futurist and Venture Innovator, Office of the CTO, Zebra Technologies. “Our relationship with FourKites adds a critical layer of visibility that helps companies improve asset visibility, streamline the shipping process and unlock new levels of performance and customer service.”

Zebra, who have invested in FourKites and also use its services, claims it has reduced turn times on urgent product requests for fulfilling critical customer orders, while also eliminating nearly 75% of shipment tracking email inquiries to its global logistics team.

In its own statement regarding the enhanced partnership, Zebra said it would continue “to help businesses modernize warehouses and create supply chains that are completely transparent, connected and fully optimized.”

“FourKites’ relationship with Zebra has grown over the years, as we work together on a joint mission to create a fully transparent supply chain and reduce time to delivery for customers,” said Mathew Elenjickal, founder and CEO of FourKites. “By combining Zebra’s expertise in delivering warehouse visibility with FourKites visibility outside of those four walls, we can provide better end-to-end predictability and forecasting of assets for our shared customers — all while dynamically accounting for the on-the-ground realities across the supply chain.”