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London’s famous landmark,  Big Ben has been under renovation but it is expected to shine its brightest light by 2021. Its 1300 handmade glass panels will be delivered to London by truck.

Dachser takes care of the transport from the Upper Palatinate to Dartford near London. The transport of glass freight requires a good dose of sensitivity and expertise. But the experts from the transportation company ensure that everything reaches its destination smoothly and undamaged. After all, they already have experience: Dachser’s logistics centre has already delivered fragile cargo to England for Buckingham Palace.

Dachser delivers hand-blown flat glass to England for the glass factory Glashütte Lamberts.

342 glass plates become a dial

Well packaged and securely packed in wooden boxes and palletized, the glass plates travel directly to England to their famous installation location, where a British company cuts them precisely to fit in the clock face of the tower. Starting next year, around 1,300 Bavarian glass plates will decorate what is probably the most famous tower in England.

Together with our customer, we develop transport solutions for these very special requirements,” says Puchtler. „And of course we are a bit proud that we as logisticians have contributed to the newly renovated Elizabeth Tower.”

Photo: Glasmanufaktur Glashütte Lamberts


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