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[UPDATE] France’s CGT Union calls for another strike at French ports

On 30 May, the French trade union CGT called for a four-day strike in June, along with a few hours' break during the ten remaining days. Port workers aim to protest against the pension reform they find unfavourable. A strike at the port of Hamburg on Friday was also announced by the German trade union Verdi. Article updated 7 June, 10am.

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The National Federation of Ports and Docks CGT is urging port workers to participate in several-hour strikes and 24-hour actions. The CGT’s June schedule includes:

  • A four-hour break from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. (exact time depending on ports) on 4, 6, 10, 12, 14, 18, 20, 24, 26, and 28 June
  • A 24-hour break on 13, 21, and 25 June
  • A so-called ‘dead ports’ day on 7 June (blocking gates and access to port areas)

On Friday morning, French authorities reported severe disruption at the port of Calais and the port of Dunkirk, as well as traffic jams on the A16 motorway.

You can check the current traffic information on the government website:

If the trade union does not succeed in negotiating favourable pension reform terms with the government, strike action will continue in July.

The unions are organising these actions to oppose the increase in the legal retirement age from 58 to 60, introduced by the 2023 reform. The dock workers are calling for an extension of early retirement opportunities for those exposed to asbestos during their careers.

The French Ministry of Transport offered to negotiate with the trade unions, but the talks broke down.

“The last meeting showed once again the government’s lack of respect for its commitments, based on very inadequate and unacceptable proposals,” pointed out the CGT union.

Strike in Germany

Disruptions are also expected at the German port – Hamburg – on Friday. The Verdi trade union has called on port workers to take part in strike action from 5.30am.

“The turnout is high,” said a Verdi spokesperson this morning.

Since the strike began at 5:30 am, activity in cargo handling and other work areas of the port has been significantly reduced. The work stoppages affect, among others, two large container terminals of the logistics companies HHLA and Eurogate. The strike is expected to last until late evening, according to the city of Hamburg’s website –