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French unions secure win for truck drivers in TotalEnergies’ safety plan amendments

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The collective efforts of French freight unions FO-UNCP and CGT Transports, who were resisting TotalEnergies’ mandate to install a camera recording the interior of the cabin in trucks transporting hazardous materials, were successful. 

According to a recent report from, the Logistics Director for the group in France has issued a response that will be satisfying to both unions and truck drivers.

The aforementioned source states that CGT Transports mobilized its members at four TotalEnergies depots in the Île-de-France region, while FO-UNCP corresponded with government officials on the matter.

TotalEnergies’ reply was prompt, presented in a letter dated December 4th, and signed by Jérôme Leprince-Ringuet, the group’s Logistics Director. FranceRoutes obtained the letter, which states:

”Concerning fatigue/distractor detection devices, the following amendments are introduced:

  • Elimination of the obligation to record video clips in case of events,
  • Elimination of the obligation to transmit alerts to the carrier,
  • Elimination of the obligation to log events in a journal.
  • Consequently, the mentioned device will now solely serve to assist drivers in their daily tasks.

We affirm that the installation and utilization of a cabin camera are not mandatory in the implementation of this plan.”