Intelligent Fruit Logistics is an EU-funded project that aims to optimize the fresh produce supply chain. The pilot transport of fruit and vegetables with the use of dedicated ‘intelligent’ containers is about to begin.

Two years after the project was launched, its developers managed to create reusable containers dedicated to the transport of fresh fruit and vegetables, which are integrated with IT solutions. Equipping the crates with RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) technology, which allows for identification of objects based on radio waves, opens the possibility of creating intelligent networks.

First of all, the pilot project will use the possibility of accurately locating the products in transit. A total of 1,000 containers will be used for testing and about 10,000 transports will be carried out by the end of 2020.

The expected results are a 25% reduction in paperwork, a more transparent supply chain, less waste (fruit and vegetables), and improved quality and safety of goods.

Experts are also considering the introduction of other sensors (e.g. temperature), which will be practical and useful for transporting fruit. The partners of the project will test various possibilities, which will bring benefits, especially to small businesses. 

We see four key benefits for companies in the medium to long term: waste reduction, traceability of goods in terms of food safety, automation of documentation requirements, and greater visibility of delivery delays and product availability,” told Harald Sundmaeker from the Bremen-based ATB research institute involved in the project. 

Photo: Pixabay


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