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In January 2019, the VerpackG Packaging Act comes into force in Germany. The new regulations introduce a number of new obligations that will have to be met by online store operators.

The Packaging Act (VerpackG) will replace the current VerpackV Packaging Order. The new regulations will hit distributors and operators of online stores, including those from abroad. Until December they must register in the central register of the Stiftung Zentralstelle Verpackungsregister, as well as declare the type and mass of packaging that they will bring to the German market during the year.

The so-called dual system of collection and recovery of packaging will continue to apply. The amount of the recycling fee will depend on the weight and type of packaging. Circulation of unit packaging by entities not registered in the system will result in a penalty of up to 200,000 euro from next year.

Better enforcement of old regulations

It is worth noting that the recycling charge for packaging introduced by traders on the market, has been in force in Germany for a long time – the authorities introduced it in 2009. The system was faulty, however, and many sellers did not pay their dues. That is why the government is introducing an additional registration obligation from next year, which will enable better monitoring of fee collection.

Currently, the VerpackV Regulation applies in Germany, which obliges distributors and online store operators to license packaging by joining the so-called dual system of receipt and recovery of packaging. This obligation also applies to foreign companies introducing products to the German market. Currently, the penalty of up to 100,000 euro is punishable by failure to comply with the obligation.

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