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A prototype of a digital ecosystem enabling the electronic exchange of data on electronic consignment notes between Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland will be created under the eCMR project. Last Friday, a project group met in Tallinn to prepare the technical specification for the eCMR prototype. This will be the first step towards the creation of a pilot digital transport corridor from Estonia to Poland.

The DIGINNO-Proto eCMR project group from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland is composed of NGOs, technology companies and public institutions associated with relevant ministries. The project is run by the Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications. Partners are governmental organizations, associations and federations of road carriers and companies developing IT solutions from the Baltic States and Poland. Poland is represented by the Polish Institute of Road Transport and the Polish Chamber of Commerce for Electronics and Telecommunications. Public institutions from Poland were also invited to participate in the working group.

At the end of January 2020, the project group will invite tenders for the eCMR prototype. The pilot project is to be carried out next autumn.

Many benefits of eCMR

Despite the existence of electronic systems in most transport companies, the documentation used in road transport is still largely printed. This makes document processing time-consuming and costly. The missing link is a secure and reliable way to exchange eCMR data between public institutions, actors in the transport chain and eCMR service providers.

Real-time access to data creates added value for customers, logistics operators and carriers. In addition, the electronic consignment note will speed up control procedures and simplify communication between public authorities.

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