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A proposal by the French Government that would lead to lorry drivers’ accommodation allowances being taxed has caused French truckers to hit the roof. Some lorry drivers are so incensed they say they’ll give up the profession if the proposals become law.

The tax reforms were spotted by journalists at French road transport website, whose article on the subject has gone viral.

According to the aforementioned report from, the reforms would mean drivers having to show proof of all their accomodation expenses in order to receive tax relief. As it stands, all truckers receive an untaxed accommodation allowance.  The end result of this would basically be lost earnings, which understandably has left so many drivers in France furious.

However, going by the reaction on social media, it is clear that many drivers will be affected.

The outrage among truckers is loud and clear – a good number want strike action to be taken, and many have accused the government of a cash-grab. Others say they’ll quit if the proposals become law, effectively saying the tax reforms represent the last straw.

A number of comments also state that truckers would be better off on unemployment benefit, and that the earnings drop would make French truck drivers abandon their jobs in their droves.

Photo credit: JPC24M / Wikimedia Commons


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