Future Healthcare Supply Chains with Prashant Yadav

Why are Healthcare Supply Chain different? Why are they are more complex? Will we see more rationalisation in the Healthcare sector? What about modular manufacturing?

Lots of interesting perspectives from Prashant.

Have you seen the other interview with Prashant on Vaccine Supply Chain? https://youtu.be/4sxEctoEnrQ P

rashant’s very interesting 'Credentials'.

Senior Fellow at the Center for Global Development, Affiliate Professor at INSEAD, and Lecturer at Harvard Medical School. Prashant Yadav is a globally recognized scholar in the area of healthcare supply chains.

Author of many peer-reviewed scientific publications, his work has been featured in prominent media such as The Economist, The Financial Times, Nature, and BBC. Prashant serves on the boards of companies, non-profits, and a venture fund. He has also provided expert testimony on medical supply chains on multiple occasions in prominent legislative bodies around the world, including the US Congress. Prashant trained as a Chemical Engineer and obtained his PhD in Management Science & Operations Research.

LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/prashanty…

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