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German LIT Group expands intermodal transport network to Italy

German logistics service provider LIT Group has acquired Italian transport company AUTOTRASPORTI PEDOT SRL, effective retroactively from January 1, 2024.

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The acquisition allows LIT to offer road transport within Italy and intermodal transport between Italy, Benelux, and Germany under one provider, leveraging local expertise and an extensive customer network.

PEDOT will continue to operate as an independent brand under the leadership of managing director Stefano Pedot.

“Combined transport requires certain quantities to be economical. Together with PEDOT, we can now consolidate these even more effectively, so that both parties benefit enormously,” said Klaas Lange, Business Development at LIT Speditions GmbH.

The partnership enables LIT to access an established brand with an EU license for internal Italian road transport and additional import volumes from the LIT network. PEDOT benefits from increased profitability and access to LIT’s expertise and resources for climate-friendly combined transport.

“We are delighted to have found a well-known and strong partner in LIT who has the necessary expertise and resources to ensure that we can continue to successfully handle climate-friendly combined transport in Europe in the future,” Stefano Pedot, third-generation leader of the family-owned PEDOT, added.