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Germany to build hundreds of truck fast-charging stations

Germany's Federal Ministry of Digital Affairs and Transport (BMDV) is planning to expand the charging infrastructure for freight transport on motorways. Several hundred fast-charging points for lorries are to be set up across Germany.

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The federal ministry aims to create a nationwide charging network for road freight transport. Approximately 350 electric truck charging stations will be installed at 220 developed rest areas (facilities with petrol stations) and 130 undeveloped rest areas (car parks with toilets) along German motorways.

The federal company NOW GmbH is currently preparing a tender for the chargers, which will be launched this summer.

Germany’s push for electromobility

Some of these charging stations will be integrated into a comprehensive German network funded by the federal government. This initiative aims to establish a wide-reaching charging infrastructure across Germany, with 9,000 High Power Charger (HPC) fast-charging points planned for electric cars, including light commercial vehicles. These points are being constructed in various locations, including regions, towns, and unmanaged motorway car parks.

Private companies are building over a thousand additional charging points on behalf of the BMDV. Around 900 of these locations are being built in urban and rural areas, with 200 located directly adjacent to motorways.

In total, the federal government will invest approximately €1.9 billion in the German network. The charging points are expected to be operational by 2026.