Girteka CEO completes 7600km truck journey to gain insight into "driver experience" - photo credits @ Facebook/GirtekaGroup

Girteka CEO completes 7600km truck journey to gain insight into “driver experience”

Girteka's CEO Mindaugas Paulauskas recently completed a 7600km truck journey through 10 countries, during which he not only experienced first-hand the difficulties faced by drivers, such as not showering for several days in a row or sleeping for only 5 hours, but also managed to drive at a platinum environmental level.

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The two-week long trip, titled “Mindaugas On The Road,” saw Paulauskas himself delivering cargo alongside Girteka driver Sergey Kovalev. Throughout their journey, they documented their experiences and observations, capturing over 8 hours of video footage.

Map by Girteka Group

Paulauskas embarked on this trip with several goals in mind. He wanted to develop a deeper understanding of the daily tasks and challenges that truck drivers face. He also hoped to showcase the demanding nature of the job and raise awareness of the important role truck drivers play in the logistics industry as a whole.  An additional goal was to promote the truck driving profession as a viable career option, particularly for young people. Finally, Paulauskas was interested in identifying areas where technology could be used to improve working conditions and efficiency for drivers.

Covering significant ground, Paulauskas and Kovalev drove for 7600 kilometres in 11 days, visiting 10 countries. Just like all Girteka trucks, their vehicle was constantly monitored in real-time. 

This monitoring system “allows us to have clear information about the place of the cargo, its conditions, but also the performance of drivers, including technical engine issues and eco score,” as explained by Dainius Augutis, Transport Function Support Department Manager at Girteka.

The data from the trip showed that Paulauskas achieved a high score on the eco-driving scale.

“Throughout the entire trip, they emitted 3.900 kilograms of CO2, receiving 90 points on a 100 eco score scale,” the FB post states. “This is a very good result, taking into consideration the level of experience from Mindaugas.” 

Paulauskas, despite it being his first long-haul trip, “managed to acquire a platinum score in eco-driving, which means reducing emissions at a very high level.”

The trip was not without its challenges. Paulauskas and Kovalev faced limited access to facilities with amenities such as hot showers and spacious parking. They also encountered time pressure to meet delivery deadlines and had to adapt to different road conditions and traffic patterns across Europe.

Despite these challenges, Paulauskas achieved a platinum eco-driving score, demonstrating fuel-efficient driving practices. This accomplishment highlights the potential for improved environmental performance within the trucking industry.

The “Mindaugas On The Road” project has resulted in a series of videos that will be shared on social media platforms.  These videos aim to raise awareness about the current state of the truck driving profession in Europe, and to address the critical shortage of truck drivers across the continent.