Girteka Logistics splits into 4 entities as it moves towards “strategic dream”

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Girteka Logistics has announced it is continuing the development of its organizational structure by splitting up Girteka Logistics UAB into four entities. Three of the companies shall operate as geographical business units, while the fourth entity will serve as a “competence center" that services all Girteka holding companies.

Girteka Logistics splits into 4 entities as it moves towards “strategic dream”
Photo: Girteka Logistics Press Materials

In a recent press release, Girteka Logistics confirmed that the geographical business units will be named Girteka Europe West, Girteka Nordic and Girteka Europe East.

The Girteka Europe West business is to handle all intra-European transportation with the exception of Scandinavia. Girteka Nordic will be responsible for transportation within Scandinavia as well as between the Nordic countries and the rest of the Europe. The third geographical business unit, Girteka Europe East, will handle cross-border transportation between Europe and Asian countries.

Finally, the Girteka Competence Center will provide support services for all the Group companies.

Commenting on the structural changes at Girteka Logistics UAB, Edvardas Liachovičius, CEO of Girteka Holding, said:

“Girteka has always been striving to be the obvious first choice for our Clients, Colleagues, Partners, and other Stakeholders. And this has become the core of our commitment to be a Responsible Logistics company. Last year we decided to move towards our new strategic dream, which is to be among the top 10 European logistics companies. For us, this means further focusing on both our clients and the growth of our company. Therefore, we have decided to become a Group of companies.”

According to Girteka Logistics, the legal reorganization procedure of Girteka Logistics UAB by way of spin-off will be carried out in accordance with the Law on Companies of the Republic of Lithuania. It is thought the process will be finished by November of this year.

“All companies will hold joint liability for our obligations under the contracts concluded with customers. This change does not affect any agreements or our capability to promptly execute our obligations to customers and suppliers as it will only allow us to grow further and better focus on the service we provide for every single customer,” added Mr. Liachovičius.

Girteka Logistics has confirmed that the current ownership of Girteka will remain the same as all of the four companies will be a part of Girteka Holding. Mindaugas Raila and Edvardas Liachovičius have therefore remained the ultimate beneficiaries, owning 90% and 10% of the company’s shares respectively.

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