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Girteka subsidiary opens new driver base in Denmark

Thermo-Transit, which handles fresh food and seafood logistics in Scandinavia and is part of the Girteka Group, has opened new facilities in Denmark. The new base is to ensure that drivers have the right working conditions and comply with Danish regulations.

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Thermo-Transit’s new building in Padborg, Denmark, is 725sq m in size. It has 36 double rooms and there is a 28,000sqm lorry park next door. The building is equipped with amenities to keep drivers comfortable while they rest, such as high-speed internet, television, access to laundry facilities, communal kitchens and lounges.

The location of the facility is no coincidence. It is located next to the Thermo-Transit terminal and office in Padborg. From here, drivers have easy access to the main motorways. 

The investment is intended to ensure not only proper working conditions, but also compliance with the regulations prohibiting the taking of regular weekly rest in the vehicle cab. 

As a reminder, the Danish police carry out intensive and regular checks of the so-called ‘weekend pause’ in Padborg. The penalty for illegally taking a weekly rest in the vehicle is DKK 10,000 (€1340) for the driver and DKK 20,000 for the employer (€2680).

The new facility cost the company DKK 12 million (€1.6 million). Girteka’s subsidiary hopes to alleviate the staff shortage problem by improving drivers’ working conditions.

According to company reports, drivers have already reacted positively to the new facility. They appreciate the possibility of preparing meals, access to laundry facilities and the opportunity to relax in the rest areas.