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Liquefied natural gas (LNG) is one of the most environmentally friendly fuels for combustion engines. It is also a cheaper alternative to traditional diesel tractor units. The latest tests by Girteka have shown that LNG-powered trucks can travel the same distance cheaper than diesel vehicles.

The Lithuanian transport company Girteka started testing Italian Iveco Stralis 460 NP fueled with LNG in November last year. The test lasted two months and ended in December. The results of the tests are satisfactory. As it turned out, thanks to the use of gas-powered vehicles, the carrier can reduce its fuel spendings by one fifth.

“LNG-powered vehicles are able to travel 100 kilometers 20% cheaper. We tested not only the fuel consumption, but also the mileage of a gas-powered truck on a full tank. Our drivers managed to drive 1.5 thousand kilometers on a full tank,” said Donatas Načajus, Transport Director at Girteka Logistics.

Testing of gas-powered Iveco

The first stage of testing conducted by Girteka was a success. Now the company will assess the results and estimate the costs. If the experiment is successful, the company may decide to upgrade its truck fleet.

“We haven’t bought a single truck yet, at the moment we are in the process of testing. Any decision about the purchase will be made only after the results have been estimated. Before we start to seriously think about it (upgrading the truck fleet – editorial note), we have to make sure that it pays off,” says Neringa Rimšelienė, head of the communication department at Girteka.

Photo: Girteka


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