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GXO implements automation system for 500 robots in French warehouse

Logistics provider GXO has deployed a robotics solution using nearly 500 autonomous mobile robots in a French warehouse for a major sporting goods retailer. The system uses tote-to-person technology and high-density storage to improve efficiency and responsiveness in order fulfilment.

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This solution enables high volume picking, storage and overall operational efficiency,” said Rui Marques, Managing Director, France, for GXO. GXO is committed to using technology to solve our customers’ complex supply chain challenges.

GXO, which manages a growing portion of the retailer’s European logistics, recently began implementing automation solutions. This first-of-its-kind solution, deployed across more than 12,000 square metres, is part of a wider transformation of the retailer’s omnichannel supply chain in the region.

At the heart of the solution are nearly 500 autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), which handle 70,000 storage bins. These robots facilitate picking activities and, according to GXO, have demonstrably improved productivity, accuracy and safety on site. Their lightweight design allows them to be easily transported and redeployed within the warehouse or between facilities to meet seasonal fluctuations in demand.

We are delighted to have successfully implemented this innovative solution, said Adrian Stoch, Chief Automation Officer at GXO. This achievement reflects the global reach and expertise of our team. Using resources from across our network, we’ve supported this pioneering project in a new market. Our focus on operational efficiency continues to be instrumental in helping our clients achieve their strategic goals.