H.Essers expands presence in Danish logistics market with new facility in Ringsted

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Belgian logistics firm H.Essers aims to broaden its standing in the Danish logistics market by establishing its third logistics site in the country, scheduled to open by the end of 2024 in Ringsted, along the E20 highway.

The new Ringsted facility is set to become H.Essers’ largest logistics site in Denmark, encompassing an expansive 65,000 m2. The site has already received approval for hazardous activities and the storage of dangerous goods. Consequently, the new warehouse will be constructed with a strong emphasis on adhering to the highest standards of quality and safety, especially concerning fire protection, including a unique foam extinguisher system designed to safeguard both the storage area and terminal for flammable liquids.

“Denmark is a strategically important market for us, and after 15 years in the Danish market, we are excited to expand with a third location. With the new warehouse, we will finally have the right infrastructure to handle the pharmaceutical and chemical products to an extent, that we can’t offer at our current locations in Denmark. It has been quite a challenge to develop a mega site as this, and I look very much forward to welcoming existing and new customers soon.” said Carlo Theunissen, COO of Warehousing at H. Essers

The initial phase of the expansion focuses on establishing a 10,000 m2 warehouse with a specialized emphasis on handling chemical products.

Subsequent phases are planned to add an additional 55,000 m2, enabling the handling of pharmaceutical products across various temperature ranges and facilitating the storage of nearly 100,000 pallets. This investment is anticipated to create over 150 job opportunities.