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Hamburg-based logTech company driveMybox expands into Hungary

driveMybox, a Hamburg-based logistics technology company, announced a partnership with I.C.E. Transport Hungary Kft., a freight forwarder in Eastern Europe. This partnership marks driveMybox's third international collaboration and its entry into the Hungarian market.

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driveMybox positions itself as a “leading partner” in digital container lorry transport, operating in Germany, Italy, and now Hungary. This expansion leverages Hungary’s central location in Eastern and Central European transportation and the growing demand for digital solutions in the region.

“Having experienced success in Germany and Italy, we are excited to introduce driveMybox to Hungary,” said Patrick Jandt, CEO of driveMybox. “I.C.E. Transport’s extensive experience and network make them the ideal partner for our Hungarian expansion.”

Balázs Hangel, CEO of I.C.E. and now also CEO of driveMybox Hungary, added:

“We are eager to introduce driveMybox’s digital platform which benefits customers, truckers, and I.C.E. We are proud to partner with driveMybox and look forward to modernizing Hungarian container lorry transport.”

driveMybox launched its booking platform in 2020, connecting customers and service providers for container road transport in Germany. The platform expanded to Italy in 2021, offering cross-border services, and now includes Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic, Luxembourg, Belgium, and the Netherlands. With Hungary’s inclusion, the platform facilitates domestic and international container transport bookings.

The platform streamlines the entire transport process, from instant quotes to scheduling and invoicing. Customers can book container transport, while registered drivers receive optimized transport orders via their smartphones, allowing them to accept or reject jobs. This approach aims to increase flexibility, transparency, and truck capacity utilization while eliminating manual processes and facilitating information exchange.