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The 2011 game Hard Truck 2 is still well remembered by players. One of them was so enchanted by the romantic nature of the distant roads that he decided to become a truck driver in reality. 

Wadim was born in a small town in northern Russia. Today, at the age of 35, he works in a Polish transport company. The driver shared his story in one of the groups dedicated to computer games on the popular social networking site Vkontakte. He fell in love with a truck driver profession after spending long days at his computer playing Hard Truck 2, a truck driving simulator.

This game has a sense of road, long drive, pleasant loneliness,” says Wadim. “Many of the drivers play Euro Truck Simulator, some of them have learned how to reverse a truck by playing such games. I think that being a trucker is a kind of disease,” adds the driver.

Virtual sense of freedom

According to Wadim, truck driving simulators allow you to feel a kind of freedom, a sense of rest from the world around you, rushing and overcrowded with everyday things. Although he admits that the world in the game is very different from reality, and it is not about the working style of professional drivers.

Despite the fact that I work in Europe in excellent conditions, it is not easy. All the time there’s something going on: fast trips from company to company, truck restrictions, navigation system faults, language problems. Not everyone speaks Russian, Polish or English. Life is also hampered by tachographs and heavy traffic,” says the trucker. 

The worst, according to the driver, are other road users. In particular, drivers of passenger cars. Constant vigilance causes unnecessary stress, which is reflected in the quality of the professional driver’s work. After all, it’s a little easier in the game – if you can’t handle the task, you’ll just lose time. In reality, you may lose your life.




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