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Hellmann and Dachser deploy electric lorries with Hellmann adding bio-LNG to fuel mix

Two major German logistics firms, Hellmann Worldwide Logistics and Dachser, say they are making strides towards reducing emissions in their heavy goods transport operations. Both companies are deploying electric trucks, with Hellmann adding bio-LNG fuel to the mix.

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Hellmann’s approach is twofold. The company has introduced two new all-electric 40-tonne Volvo trucks, designed specifically for long-haul operations, to operate initially between Osnabrück and Bremen in Germany. A dedicated 300 kW charging station with battery storage is being built to support the two-shift operation. 

In addition, Hellmann plans to integrate four more electric trucks (16 tonnes) for urban deliveries by the summer of 2024.

In a separate move, Hellmann has converted its entire LNG lorry fleet to bio-LNG, a renewable fuel produced from organic waste. The switch aims to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions on long-haul routes where electric trucks are not yet a viable option. The bio-LNG is sourced regionally from partners such as Q1.

“Profitability isn’t our sole focus here,” said Jens Wollesen, COO of Hellmann Worldwide Logistics. “As an innovation driver, we want to support the development of technologies that significantly reduce CO2 emissions in road freight transportation.”

By mid-2024, Hellmann expects to have more than a third of its trucks running on alternative fuels, a significant step towards decarbonising its heavy transport operations.

Dachser adds electric truck for Danone deliveries

Similarly, logistics giant Dachser has started using electric trucks for deliveries in Germany. Since 21 May, a fully electric Volvo FH Electric truck has been operating between a Danone production facility in Ochsenfurt and the Dachser warehouse in Kürnach. The electric vehicle makes four round trips a day, covering a total distance of around 160 kilometres.

Photo credits @ Dachser

With a range of 300 kilometres and a gross vehicle weight of 42 tonnes, this new addition is ideally suited to the specific route. The electric truck is operated by Dachser’s long-standing partner, Pabst Transport, and is charged using renewable energy sources at the Dachser branch.

“With the new electric tractor unit, we are making a contribution to the decarbonisation of logistics,” said Jan-Oliver Schneider, General Manager of the Dachser logistics centre in Würzburg. “Together we are taking an important and consistent step towards an environmentally friendly and future-oriented transport solution.”