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As part of a pilot project called PaketFuxx, the courier service provider Hermes wants to pay its customers’ neighbours to collect parcels in their absence. The idea is carried out in Nuremberg and will soon be available in other German cities.

Leaving a package with the actual recipient’s neighbour or in a nearby shop or hairdressing salon is quite common practice both in Poland and Germany. The logistics and courier service provider Hermes wants to make this service professional and pay for it. 

The purpose of the pilot test called PaketFuxx, which the company is currently conducting, is to “assess whether a new form of customer-friendly consolidation points can be established (i.e. points from which customers can pick up their packages – editorial note)”.

A neighbour who regularly stays at home and decides to become a so-called PaketFuxx receives a payment of 30 cents per parcel, regardless of the courier service provider – be it Hermes, DPD or DHL. When ordering a shipment on-line, the customer must provide a neighbour’s address as the delivery address. 

Hermes hopes that this alternative to home delivery will be a great solution for both courier service providers and e-retailers. The company also notes that thanks to PaketFuxx the collection of parcels will not only be comfortable for the customers but also the traffic in cities will be reduced and thus CO2 emissions will drop.

Neighbours receiving parcels can donate the money earned in this way to Hermes’ environmental projects. 

The delivery to PaketFuxx has already been tested in Nuremberg, where it has been positively evaluated and will now be implemented in Berlin, Leipzig and Dresden.

Photo: Deutsche Post


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