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Polish truck driver was the only one to react when he saw the burning car. He helped a Slovakian woman put out a car fire and saved a dog. For a few days, the woman was looking for her „knight” via the Internet to thank him.

A few days ago, when driving along the highway towards Bratislava, a Slovak woman noticed flames bursting from the bonnet of her car, reports She immediately stopped the car on the emergency lane and left the vehicle, leaving behind her beloved dog inside. Distraught, she began to seek help, but people passed by completely ignoring the whole event.

It was only after a long while that a truck driver stopped. The man without hesitation took a fire extinguisher from his truck and helped the woman to put out the fire. Thanks to his quick reaction no one was hurt.

I do not know what would happen if I waited for the arrival of the fire brigade,” says the Slovak woman in a post on social media.

The woman in stress, however, forgot to ask the man for contact details.

Search action

That is why the woman started to look for her saviour on the Internet. She published photos of the truck and described the whole situation. The post has already been shared almost 6.5 thousand times! Everyone wanted to know who this brave man is. After a few days, the woman informed in a comment that she found her hero. All thanks to the registration plate that was visible in the shared photos.

The Polish trucker is an example that it sometimes only takes a little courage to help a fellow human being in need. One fire extinguisher left the whole event. Huge applause for the attitude! Share this story further – let everyone learn about the good heart of this trucker!




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