Photo: Trans.INFO (illustrative image)

Pilot project to provide advance info on free HGV spaces at German rest area

A pilot project using laser scan technology will be used at a German rest area to inform lorry drivers in advance about the number of free HGV parking spaces available.

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A trial of the system will be conducted at the Medenbach Ost service area on the A3. The aim of the digital parking system is to make it easier and less time consuming for truck drivers to find a space.

The system is being operated by Autobahn GmbH, Germany’s highways authority. In real time, the scanner records what is available where. In addition to providing info on empty spaces, the system will also be able to detect vehicles that have been dangerously parked.

Germany does have a plan to expand its lorry driving capacity, but the authorities recognise that it will take some time to do this. The use of systems like the one described in this article are thus aimed at getting the most out of what is available.