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The drivers of a Turkish company were caught performing illegal cabotage in Italy. Not only the Turkish carrier was punished with a high fine. The shipper also received a financial penalty.

On December 7 this year, near the airport in the Italian city of Trento, the police stopped two trucks belonging to a Turkish company for control. Both of them were carrying apples. During routine police activities, it turned out that drivers did not have the appropriate documents that would allow them to carry out the transport, reports the transport portal

The truckers did not have permission for the bilateral transport between Turkey and Italy and, by carrying out domestic transport in Italy, they violated the regulations governing international transport.

The carrier received a fine of 9132.5 euros, and his trucks were immobilized. The police identified two companies that ordered the transports and issued fines for both of them. Each company had to face a fine of 3098 euros. According to the regulations, the shipper is obliged to check if transport is carried out properly in terms of formalities.

Soon, even stricter regulations on cabotage will come into force

In accordance with the regulations of the Mobility Package approved in early December by the Council of the European Union, cabotage will be covered by the provisions on posted workers. With this type of transport, the current rule allowing up to three operations within 7 days was also maintained. The EU Council agreed, however, that „to prevent systematic cabotage, a „freeze period” of 5 days should be introduced before subsequent cabotage operations can be carried out in the same country and by the same vehicle.



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