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In the United Kingdom tailgating is the cause of one in eight collisions. In the United States, the accidents caused by drivers who follow the vehicles in front too closely amount to one-third of the total. In some countries, tailgating is punished with a fine and penalty points.

Highways England urges drivers to stay at a safe distance. To avoid a collision caused by tailgating it is important to always drive at a distance and speed that allows stopping safely behind the car in front in case of sudden braking. 

If the weather conditions are bad (rain, snow, fog) it t is best to double the distance between you and the car in front. Wet surface decreases tire traction and can cause the car to slide without control. The greater the distance from other cars, the bigger the chance of avoiding a collision.

According to research close to half of Brits admit that they are guilty of tailgating and that they did so to get the car in front to speed up because they were too slow. Most of the people do not even realize that it is an offense. However, many have been victims of tailgating, reports

Fines for tailgating

In the United Kingdom tailgating is punished with a fine of 100 pounds and three penalty points.

German law also got tough on tailgaters. The offenders can expect a fine of up to 375 euros. In addition, the police officers can withhold a driving license for up to three months. German police advise that drivers must keep a distance in meters that is equal to half their speed. For example, if a driver is going 100km/h, he must keep a distance of at least 50 meters.

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