Hoax brake fail trucker sentenced to probation and community service

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Hoax brake fail trucker sentenced to probation and community service

The Swedish trucker who wasted the time of the emergency services by falsely reporting a brake failure has been given probation and community service.

The lorry driver appeared in court in Sweden at the beginning of May over accusations he had made a false alarm when claiming his vehicle’s brakes had broken. His emergency call sparked an operation that the local police department said made the film Speed ​​“fade in comparison.”

The incident dates back to May 2020 and occurred in the west of Sweden between Alingsås and Vårgårda.

As was reported at the time, the truck driver claimed that his vehicle’s brakes had stopped working. The driver said he had tried to switch off the ignition and disengage 6th gear, but to no avail. To make matters worse, the truck also had plenty of fuel onboard and was on course to reach a stretch of road with severe traffic congestion.

The police decided against using a stinger mat to burst the lorry’s tyres, as the move was considered too dangerous. Instead, officers came up with the idea of getting the driver to turn off the road into an empty field. A site was found, and a local farmer helped out by filling up and flattening the ditch between his field and the road alongside it. Ultimately, the operation was a success and nobody was hurt. The farmer was also hailed as a “hero” by the local police department.

However, a vehicle inspection conducted after the 90-minute ordeal found that the lorry had no defects whatsoever.

As a consequence, the driver was taken to court after being accused of making a hoax call that unnecessarily wasted the time of the Swedish emergency services. The truck was escorted by police for over an hour, and there was significant traffic disruption as a result of roads being shut off.

The driver, who was completely sober at the time of the incident, claimed that the lorry’s brakes somehow started working again after the hit the vehicle took when leaving the road and entering the farmer’s field. However, the prosecution didn’t believe him.

The prosecution also stated that the driver’s employers testified that the trucker had a track record of making false reports of truck defects. It was claimed that the trucker had made 8 reports of defects in spring 2020 alone, including a fire that could not be evidenced during a later check.

The court reached its verdict earlier this week, and the driver was sentenced to probation, community service and fined for speeding, reports trailer.se.

Photo credits: Svensk polis

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