hyperLOG – come and check out what transport and logistics will look like in the future

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hyperLOG – come and check out what transport and logistics will look like in the future

Is e-forwarding a real threat to current freight operators? How to build effective strategies and business models in the era of digital logistics? Will robots and drones deliver our packages in a few years? Answers to these and many other questions will be discovered during hyperLOG – a conference for the TSL industry, where the giants of logistics and transport will participate in Lódź on 24-25 October.

There hasn’t been such a conference in the CEE region (Central and Eastern Europe). 

 I know that many transportation and logistics managers have been waiting for such an event for a long time. All of us have had enough of industry events steeped in sales speeches, full of self-promotion. hyperLOG will be completely different. We guarantee a rational and practical look at key trends that will shape transport and logistics in the coming years. People who decide about the shape of global logistics will tell us about them – says Ewelina Bukowska from Trans.POLSKA, the main organizer of the conference.

Who will you see and listen to hyperLOG?

The conference’s star will be DHL’s vice president, Nabil Malouli – an innovator, investor and start-up adviser. At DHL, he manages the development of innovative logistics projects supporting global Fortune 500 companies.  The theme of his speech will be the future of last-mile logistics. We will find out, inter alia, who and how will deliver our packages in the future.

In turn, Arkadiusz Glinka – head of the Polish branch of CH Robinson – will talk about the role of the 3PL operator in the digital transformation of the supply chain.

There will be a debate with among others, Philippa Ortwein managing director of Instafreight (digital forwarding),  Lajko Ferenc former head of Waberer’s and Arkadiusz Glinki mentioned earlier.

The speakers also expect the audience’s involvement and share their opinions regarding the pros and cons of digital forwarding. The public will be further assured of their starting positions in the role of digital forwarding.

From left to right: Nabil Malouli, Arkadiusz Glinka, Katarzyna Ciupa, Pieter Kinds, Szymon Knychalski.

Marek Prószynski – CCO, Trans.eu – will talk about how to effectively free resources in logistics, and Pieter Kinds from TenderTool will explain how to compete in the era of „instant pricing” and pricing transparency.

The second day of the conference will feature, among others, Jan Maarten de Vries from Wabco, who will talk about the digital transformation of the supply chain in the automotive industry. Szymon Knychalski from Trans.ENISA will convince those gathered in the audience that in order to gain a competitive advantage, you have to have rather „actionable data and not big data”.

In turn, Katarzyna Ciupa will verify the truth and myths about blockchain’s potential in logistics.

Check out in the conference website what the representatives of Ericsson, Project44, Davidson Consulting and several other well-known companies will speak about.

The organizer of the event is TransSP. The number of tickets is limited. You can buy them directly on the conference website.

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