Review of IMI system checks shows Romanian lorries inspected most often

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Last month, Guretruck, a company who provides legal services, assistances, fleet management, positioning, VAT services, pre-paid cards and tachograph management services, published some interesting observations from its review of IMI data.

Review of IMI system checks shows Romanian lorries inspected most often

IMI, the Internal market information exchange system, can be accessed by commercial vehicle inspectors for the purposes of checking compliance with the EU’s Mobility Package rules.

In a blog entry published a few weeks ago, Guretruck analysed IMI data to find out which countries conducted the most transport inspections using IMI, as well which countries’ vehicles are subject to the most inspections.

The data analysed by the company covered the period of 02/02/2022 until 10/10/2022. February 2nd is of course the date the new provisions of the Mobility Package entered into force.

According to Guretruck’s analysis, the country that used the IMI portal the most to launch transport inspections was Denmark. France came in second place, followed by Austria.

When it comes to the countries whose vehicles were subject to the most inspections using IMI, Romania came first. Poland was second with Hungary and Bulgaria third and fourth.

Finally, Guretruck also published information regarding what kind of paperwork was requested the most during IMI inspections.

The list referred to CMRs/consignment notes, tachograph records, time sheets, labour contracts, payslips, and proof of payments.

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