Inaccuracies in speed camera device could invalidate thousands of German speeding tickets

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Speed camera manufacturer Leivtec has withdrawn one of its devices used throughout Germany following evidence it gives inaccurate readings. Now lawyers are stepping in to argue that drivers need not pay fines for speeding infringements caught by the camera in question.

Due to suspicions that the XV3 speed camera was recording incorrect speed measurement results, a simple test was carried out in August of last year.

Two identical devices measured the speed of the same vehicle. Although the same or at least very similar results should have been found, different speeds were displayed on the two devices. The difference between the two measurements was beyond the tolerance allowed for margin of error.

The manufacturer reacted to this with new instructions for use. However, the measurement errors continued to occur, argues legal technology company CODUKA GmbH in its latest press release.

It was obvious that changing the operating instructions was not enough, and it was a questionable practice. It seems to me that they want to guarantee the continued use of the measuring devices, explains Jan Ginhold, managing director and operator of

On March 12th of this year, the approval authority (Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt) published its own statement on the device. It said it had gained knowledge of further tests by experts that showed the new instructions for using the camera actually lead to intolerable measurement errors. The PTB informed the manufacturer and began making its own tests, the results of which are not known at this stage.

After receiving the letter, the manufacturer reacted decisively to the opinion of the approval authority. Leivtec wrote a letter to the operators of the XV3 speed camera and recommended that further measurements with the device be abandoned:

Since at the present time it cannot be ruled out with the necessary certainty that impermissible speed value deviations can occur, even in cases whereby the instructions are observed, we would ask you to refrain from further official measurements for the time being. We will get back to you immediately after the PTB’s final test results have been published.

It is still unclear whether ongoing legal procedures based on data from the affected devices, which had been used from 2019 until now, will be invalidated.

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Photo credit: Pixabay