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India launches internationally recognised lorry driver training programmes

India's Logistics Sector Skill Council has begun offering internationally recognised HGV driver training programs to bridge the skills gap among Indian lorry drivers and address the global shortage of qualified drivers.

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The Indian not-for-profit Logistics Sector Skill Council  (LSC) developed the program following collaboration with the International Road Transport Union (IRU) Academy. LSC trainers are now equipped to deliver the IRU Academy Driver Goods Transport Training and Assessment Programme, ensuring Indian truck drivers receive training that meets international standards.

“Our mission is to bridge the knowledge and skills gap among Indian truck drivers,” said LSC CEO Ravikanth Yamarthy. “By equipping both men and women truck drivers with internationally recognised standards, we are not only enhancing their professional abilities, but also helping to address the global shortage of drivers.”

The initiative aligns with broader efforts to address the critical shortage of truck drivers worldwide. According to the IRU, over three million truck driver positions are currently unfilled across 36 countries, and this number is projected to double by 2028.

Elevating the skill levels of truck drivers serves a dual purpose, said IRU Director of Certification and Standards Patrick Philipp. It further professionalises the trucking industry in India, leading to benefits like increased road safety, while also helping to address the global driver shortage.

The global shortage has prompted efforts to attract more young people and women into the trucking industry, but these initiatives may not be enough to fully address the growing gap. The IRU’s focus on establishing international driver qualification standards aims to facilitate driver mobility and employment opportunities across borders.