Although in our part of the world the view of a woman behind the wheel of a truck is more and more frequent, in some countries it still arouses a lot of excitement. In India, ladies who want to work as professional truck drivers, face numerous difficulties. 28-year-old Kaur Jasbir dared to break the glass ceiling. She had one goal in mind: to spend more time with her husband who had previously worked as a truck driver.

Kaur and Lakha Singh are a married couple with 11 years of experience. Until recently, longer breakups were a daily bread for them. When the husband hit the road, the woman found it difficult to bear separation. So she decided to learn how to drive a truck herself so she could spend more time with her husband helping him with his work.

The couple became famous during the water crisis in the Indian city of Shimla this year. They were both part of the fleet that provided water to the needy. The couple then worked 12 to 18 hours a day. In recognition of their contribution, she was later honored by the local governor, and their story saw the light of the day.


Despite the merits that Kaur can boast of, her work is rarely appreciated by other drivers. She is often exposed to painful harassment on their part. It happens that due to her gender she is not allowed to load and unload. Her parents-in-law are also against her career path, according to which she brings disgrace to their family. Fortunately, the husband supports her every step and speaks openly about the skills that she exhibits behind the wheel. At the same time, it is difficult for him to understand why some of his wife’s traditions raise such anxiety.

In other countries, driving a truck is just a job, no matter who drives it” – he said in an interview for News18.

The couple dreams of buying their own truck and start working. If they fail, they will move to Saudi Arabia, where, they say, more money is waiting for them.

Kaur has a clear message for all women who want to pursue their passions: Every woman should be independent and make her own money.

Photo: Frank Highway/YouTube


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