Insulate Britain protesters block traffic at Port of Dover

Members of the Insulate Britain group have once again taken to blocking traffic as part of their demonstrations calling for every home in the UK to be upgraded with energy efficiency measures by 2050. Earlier this week, the group's protesters blocked traffic on the M25. Today, Insulate Britain's demonstrators have targeted a road leading into the Port of Dover.

Insulate Britain protesters block traffic at Port of Dover
Photo: Insulate Britain

As a result of the disruption caused by the demonstration, the Port of Dover has warned that anyone due to visit the port should allow plenty of time for their journey:

As Sky News reports, 40 people in two groups have blocked the A20 at the Eastern Docks roundabout and near the junction with Union Street for the Western Docks.

Writing on Facebook, Insulate Britain said that “Disruption is the only way to draw attention to ill health & early death as a result of fuel poverty”

The group’s social media update also included the Winston Churchill quote “Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak it’s also what it takes to sit down and listen.”

Live traffic data from Google at the time of this article’s publication suggests that the protest has caused significant traffic build up in Dover.

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