Integre Trans is inviting growth-minded carriers to cooperate

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Integre Trans is inviting growth-minded carriers to cooperate

The active expansion of the transportation and logistics services company Integre Trans in Western Europe and the growing volumes of freight have resulted in an increased demand for cooperation with new carriers. The company has kicked off the year by enlarging its network of partners, which currently consists of 30 transportation companies, for the purpose of future growth. The plan is to double this figure in 2021. According to Simonas Vaitonis, Head of the Freight Forwarding Department at Integre Trans, the current focus of the company is to search for carriers that can operate tent semi-trailers. 

“In order to ensure top quality services for our loyal customers, we are continuously looking for reliable partners. Presently, the amount of shipments to various destinations across Western Europe is growing. We are therefore actively searching for carriers with tent semi-trailers, to whom we can offer both a steady stream of orders and a well-developed freight management infrastructure, as well as a broad network of contacts across Europe and operating procedures that have been honed over many years. The value of a partnership with Integre Trans is evident in the long-term contracts we have established with our partners, where the average duration of a contract is a staggering 7 years,” the Head of Freight Forwarding said.  

Integre Trans partners enjoy exclusive terms 

In the words of Mr Vaitonis, a freight forwarder has to deal with many different areas in his or her daily work. As a result, in order to compete on the market with any degree of success and win over the trust of clients, it is necessary to have knowledge of these specific areas, continuously engage in analyses and forecasting, and to master new technologies. A team of experienced specialists is also needed. The representative believes that this team should not just involve the company’s personnel, but also a group of reliable and professional partners that enjoy special care and attention from Integre Trans.

“A network of reliable partners is one of our largest assets and business drivers. That is why we offer our partners exclusive terms that focus on the success of their business. When we work with our partners, we aim to ensure that they will no longer have to worry about looking for orders and organising their processes – we provide uninterrupted work all year long, regardless of the season. We are well aware that an empty truck incurs the same transport costs, so we also pay for the empty mileage. Our last and equally important obligation to our partners is a smooth payment process: after the freight is delivered, we always pay our carriers invoices according to the agreed schedule,” said Mr Vaitonis, explaining the benefits of working with Integre Trans. 

Integre Trans has gained market recognition for delivering its shipments on time, and has earned of the reputation of a reliable and responsible business that takes care of its clients and carriers alike. Therefore to ensure the quality of its services, the company is careful to assess the reliability and ability of its partners to deliver products appropriately and on time, the size and quality of its trailer fleet, and the feedback received from clients and other partners.

“We believe that by choosing the right partners, more opportunities are created through that cooperation for every party. A strong partnership will always improve the business opportunities for carriers and freight forwarders in a quick and efficient manner. Therefore, we strive for cooperation with mutual trust, transparency and mutual assistance,” said the representative of the company that is expanding its network of partners. 

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About Integre Trans

UAB Integre Trans is a transportation and logistics services company with branches in Lithuania, Germany and France. The company’s fleet currently consists of over 500 DAF, Volvo and Mercedes-Benz trucks. Integre Trans has more than 2,000 clients and in 2020, its sales income increased by 14 percent to reach approximately EUR 72 million. Integre Trans works with many different sectors including industry, manufacturing, food and drink, pharmaceuticals, retail and wholesale.

The company has followed a steady growth pattern by investing in process management and new technologies, as well as by improving the competences, motivation and working conditions of its staff and by deploying cutting-edge tools every year.

Last year, Integre Trans was listed among Europe’s TOP 1,000 fastest-growing companies by The Financial Times. This year, the company was awarded with a Coface certificate as proof of the quality of the business process management at Integre Trans.

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