Transport managers can change their UK CPC cards to Irish ones without sitting an exam

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UK-issued CPC cards can be exchanged for an Irish CPC card without sitting an exam; the Irish Department for Transport has given its assurances to road transport managers.

John Martin, policy manager of the British Road Haulage Association in Northern Ireland, reached out to the Irish government to seek clarification on CPC card misunderstandings.

As Martin writes in his Twitter post, Irish transport managers living in Northern Ireland had received a letter from the Irish Department for Transport saying their professional qualifications obtained in the UK wouldn’t be recognized in Ireland after Brexit.

Even the Irish government’s website is not clear about this:

It may be the case that after the transition period UK issued Transport Manager CPCs will no longer be recognised within the EU and UK resident Transport Managers will no longer be able to work as Transport Managers for EU based Community licence holders – reads the guidance.

However, in a response to RHA’s inquiry, the Irish DfT assured operators that UK-issued CPC cards can be changed to Irish cards without any exams being taken.

The Irish DfT website doesn’t provide any information on how to change the cards, but in this tweet, DfT states it will directly contact the affected transport managers.

What about drivers?

The Irish DfT has been clear on the issue of drivers’ CPC cards: any driver with a UK CPC card who is resident or working in Ireland should exchange their UK CPC card for an Irish CPC card as soon as possible and well in advance of 31 December 2020.

To do so, drivers must contact NI Direct.

Photo credit @ Pixabay