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Migrants are desperately trying to get to the UK. They invent new ways to stop the trucks in Calais. A Bulgarian truck driver suffered as a consequence of their actions. Be cautious in this region.

On Tuesday, around 4 am, a Bulgarian trucker was taking the A16 highway to the port of Calais. As it turned out, access to the port was blocked by a group of about 50 immigrants. Refugees laid a palette in the middle of the road and set it on fire, hoping that they would stop the trucks, break into them and get a ride to Great Britain.

A driver from Bulgaria decided to avoid this and attempted to force the barricade, unfortunately without success – informs the French portal The vehicle caught fire, and the driver had to escape from the cabin. That’s when he was attacked by refugees who hurt him in the head. The man was taken to the hospital. Firefighters fought until 8 am to extinguish the fire, but DAF XF burned down completely.

See the movie published by the portal

Photo: Pixabay/skeeze CC0



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