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Motorway workers are on a strike today in Italy, while transport-related trade unions are to protest tomorrow. Those on strike are are demanding better pay. 

The 24-hour strike affects 22 Italian highways. However, this is just the beginning. According to the Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, a general strike will soon also cover air transport (from 0:01 to 24:00 on Friday), rail transport (from 21:00 today to 21:00 on Friday) and public transport and sea transport. Therefore, drivers should expect considerable difficulties in Italy.

On Friday, workers in road freight, forwarding and logistics will also start a protest organized by the SiCobas trade union. So all means of transport in Italy could well come to a standstill. SiCobas are demanding raises for workers and an improvement to the unsafe working conditions resulting from the coronavirus pandemic.

We have been working in logistics, bringing the virus into our homes, without recognition for our work and without adequate wages” – SiCobas cried out in a statement calling on all TLS workers to take part in the strike. 

The list of SiCobas demands includes wage increases, compensation for commuting to work, as well as the involvement of the union in negotiations on a collective agreement that would safeguard drivers during the pandemic.

We shall keep you posted on further developments related to the protests and any traffic disruptions they may cause. 

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