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A Serbian driver caught in Italy manipulating one of the systems in the truck received a high mandate. The police also detained his vehicle for three months.

According to, an Italian transport portal, traffic officers of the town of Lucca stopped a truck with a Serbian registration number for inspection on Saturday, 23 February.

During the control, they found that an emulator was installed in the truck, which disables the SCR system (Selective Catalytic Reduction). This device is used to simulate the correct operation of the emission system in vehicles, while the exhaust systems do not work correctly – they don’t consume the urea solution of AdBlue.

The police decided to impose a penalty of 4.5 thousand euros on the driver and immobilise the vehicle for 3 months.

While a fine, though strict, might be for the company to accept, the 3-month period of immobilisation of the vehicle is a severe punishment that should deter carriers from using emulators.



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