Iveco launch ‚Iveco On’ service for fleet management

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Iveco launch ‚Iveco On’ service for fleet management

Italian lorry and van manufacturer Iveco has brought its integrated services and transport solutions under one umbrella in the shape of Iveco On, the company’s new digital services offering.

Thomas Hilse, IVECO’s Brand President, said that Inveco On “creates an ecosystem of integrated solutions” designed to help customers manage their business „more efficiently, easily and profitably.”

Hilse added that the main benefits of the service are real time data and consultancy for both customers and drivers:

First of all, they turn the vehicle into a platform that communicates and receives data in real time. Secondly, they turn IVECO into a true consultant to the customer and the driver.”

Iveco claim the change provides a gateway to the brand’s „extensive portfolio” of digital features and services, which are focused on improving vehicle uptime as well as fleet efficiency and productivity. The service is also aimed at reducing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), as well as taking care of the driver’s safety and comfort on board.

According to Iveco’s statement, the services offered under the Iveco On umbrella are organised in five „clusters” as follows:

  • Fleet, for efficient fleet management through fuel consumption and driver monitoring, mission planning, route optimisation and order dispatch. It includes the IVECO Web Api that allows fleet owners to control their fleet from different brands in a single tool, thanks to a flexible data integration.
  • Uptime to keep the vehicle on the road, avoiding unforeseen breakdowns and providing roadside assistance. The vehicle monitoring, ensured through the Control Room, allows to provide Remote Assistance, avoiding unplanned stops. In addition, IVECO Top Care gives Premium Customers the priority they deserve in case a repair is needed.
  • Care to look after the owner, the driver and the vehicle while on the road with vehicle monitoring and reporting. The Smart Report provides Customers and Drivers with tips on how to improve the driving style for fuel and vehicle optimisation. Truck Drivers can also benefit from the Easy Way App, which, with a simple click, simplifies their life on board maximising their comfort
  • Maintenance and Repair for specialised assistance with a choice of tailored service contracts. “Elements” offers customisable service packages that are the best match for their needs.
  • Parts completes the IVECO ON offer with original IVECO parts and accessories. Customers can enrich their vehicle with original Accessories and purchase new Parts from IVECO’s range of Genuine Parts, Reman and Nexpro.

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