Photo credits @ Iveco

Iveco’s highly automated HGV public road tests start in Germany this month

Iveco is starting public road testing of its next generation highly automated HGVs in Germany. As a part of the public road testing, the truck manufacturer and its autonomous driving solutions provider partner Plus will collect road data to validate their autonomous truck’s operations and start designing the potential factory production.

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The PlusDrive-enabled IVECO S-WAY truck is „designed to improve safety, efficiency, driver experience, and to provide a more sustainable option for fleets”, the manufacturer says.

“Germany is a leader and trendsetter in autonomous driving, so we are excited to launch our public testing program in a country that has long embraced technology innovation and the life-changing impact of safety solutions like highly automated trucks. This is an important phase in our plans to bring highly automated trucks to market,” said Marco Liccardo, Chief Technology & Digital Officer, Iveco Group.

The public road testing starts in Germany and will expand to Austria, Italy, and Switzerland in the coming months. Each country’s unique roadways and driving conditions will expose the highly automated truck to various terrains, road gradients, weather conditions and driving scenarios. This will help to continuously expand the capabilities and features of Plus’s autonomous driving technology.

“Real-world experience is an invaluable part of the testing and validation of our technology as we prepare our autonomous driving product for commercial deployment in Europe. Given that Germany alone faces a shortage of 60,000 truck drivers, our highly automated driving solution, PlusDrive, will help improve road safety, sustainability, and driver recruitment and retention issues confronting fleets in the region,” added Shawn Kerrigan, COO and Co-founder at Plus.