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A jackknifed lorry that has been perilously hanging over a motorway bridge on the M25 has caused severe traffic disruption on the M25 and A2.

Earlier this afternoon, the main carriageway was closed in both directions at junction 2 for the Darenth Interchange.

As can be seen in the photo below, the truck’s trailer broke the bridge’s safety barrier, and the wheels of the truck itself are hanging over the edge of the bridge.

According to Kent Online, no serious injuries have been reported.

Commenting on the dramatic accident, Kent Police spokesman James Walker said:

Road closures are in place following a collision between a lorry and a roadside barrier on the A282. The incident was reported to Kent Police at 1.20pm and resulted in part of the lorry’s trailer breaching a safety barrier. No serious injuries have been reported, however the A2 is closed in both directions, at the junction for the Darenth Interchange, to ensure public safety. The anticlockwise M25 is also closed at junction 2.

At the time of writing (approximately 16.30 GMT) there is still significant traffic disruption in the area around the site of the accident.


According to the latest traffic information, normal traffic conditions are expected between 20:45 and 21:00 tonight.

Photo credit: @hedgemyster23


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