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If a driver is only 2 meters far from the vehicle in front of him, only he is liable in the event of an accident, according to the decision made by the German court. At the same time, the judge indicated the minimum distance between the vehicles. It is surprisingly big.

The distance of 2 meters from the car that precedes us is definitely not enough. The Hamm Higher Regional Court has passed a judgment indicating the minimum distance to be observed outside built-up areas.

The case concerned a collision that occurred in February 2016. On the roundabout outside the built-up area, a passenger car (Volkswagen Sharan) drove at a speed of approx. 35 kilometres per hour. The distance to the preceding vehicle was less than 2 meters (1.8 m) and made it impossible for the driver to react to the manoeuvre of the vehicle in front of him. After sudden braking of the preceding vehicle, the driver of the Volkswagen hit the rear of the vehicle. The judge ruled that due to the driver’s failure to keep the distance, only he is responsible for the event.

In addition, a court in Hamm pointed out that at this speed, the driver should drive at least 10 m behind the preceding vehicle, or preferably 15 m away.

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