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Daf Modular Kitchen is the best kitchen in Lucknow. We are one of the noticeable names in Lucknow showcase occupied with making Modular Kitchens in Lucknow, We additionally make redid particular kitchens. Daf Modular Kitchen is the best kitchen Lucknow.

A renowned provider of Modular Kitchen in Lucknow, be it sourcing, installation, and handover. Also, expanding our services in Complete Kitchen Makeovers.

Daf Modular Kitchen

It is a terminology uses for the modern kitchen formation which includes the number of cabinets to support different things in different sections. There are two sections known as floor section and wall section respectively. Floor section is defined as having cabinets attached to the floor while the wall section is defined as having cabinets attached to the walls near the rooftops. As we all know, there are lots of issues of space in flat and apartments, modular kitchenhelps us in saving the space as well as to shine out more in the less.

One of the best modular kitchen providers in Lucknow is DAF modular kitchen. They are known for their creativity and technology to make a brand new modular kitchen. This is started by youngsters with vast vision in mind to provide a quality design kitchen and creative wardrobes as well as wooden products on the demand for costumes. The principle of DAF modular kitchen is Durability, Scalability, and Modularity.


1. German technology

2. 100% genuine product

3. Durability and Reliability

4. Up to ten years of replacement warranty

5. Customize product as per customer need