& Last Mile Experts to partner on last mile solutions for smart locker industry

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Lisbon-based parcel locker manufacturer has announced a partnership with Last Mile Experts (LME), a consulting company from Warsaw, as it seeks to expand its offer of last mile solutions for the smart locker industry. & Last Mile Experts to partner on last mile solutions for smart locker industry press materials says it began its collaborative journey with LME earlier this year with the primary purpose of exchanging ideas and being mentored in some of the consultancy’s best competencies.

In a press release revealing the partnership, highlighted LME’s knowledge and expertise in areas including out-of-home delivery, PUDOs, AMPs, contract negotiation, benchmarking research, operation solutions, and the latest trends in the industry.

The company believes the partnership will bring it closer to offering its clients the best last-mile solution possible. also praised the founders of LME, Marek Różycki and Mirek Gral, for their “openness to innovate, willingness to mentor, and extensive experience in real “hands-on” knowledge in a broad spectrum of last mile-related areas.”

The portuguese parcel locker manufacturer adds that Różycki and Gral have, since the very beginning of their partnership, “been some of the key components” for the company’s growth and its improved ability to provide relevant last-mile solutions.

Rozycki, an expert guest on the Trans.INFO-hosted Last Mile Brief, is known for having founded Masterlink Express, which became a Polish market leader and is now DPD Polska. Marek has also held senior executive roles at last mile giants DPD Group and Amazon Logistics. Gral, meanwhile, is an industrial engineer and operator with over 30 years of experience in a number of multinational CEP companies including UPS.

Commenting on the partnership, Last Mile Experts co-founder Marek Różycki said:

“ raised my interest because of the openness and dynamism of their team and their understanding that software is the “secret sauce” of any smart locker (or PUDO) network. I’m a true believer in parcel lockers as a key last mile delivery solution, and’s end-to-end solution-based approach is the one that in my opinion has incredible potential. I believe together we can make an incredible partnership that will leave a long-lasting footprint in the industry.

 Fellow co-founder Mirek Gral added:

“Watching the team of young people creating reminds me of the time when I myself was one of the members of the great team of the Polish courier company Stolica, which revolutionised the CEP market in Poland in the 1990s. Now I have the pleasure of supporting the team, which has great potential to make history in the courier and e-commerce industry.”

Finally, Miha Jagodic, CEO of, stated:

“While reaching rapid growth for the past few years, we are now at the spot in which we can benefit exponentially from the experience that Last Mile Experts, especially Marek Różycki and Mirek Gral, can provide. We are grateful to have the industry’s top experts putting their names behind our brand and placing their trust in us with their investment. Mixing the company’s enthusiasm with experience seems like a partnership made in heaven.”

Jagodic talked exclusively to Trans.INFO last month about’s plans and the current state of the parcel locker industry. You can read the interview here.

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