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Germany’s Federal Office for Goods Transport (BAG) carried out another round of cabotage inspections in the north of the country last Monday, during which 24 trucks were found to have broken cabotage regulations.

The controls were organised on roads typically used by lorries (e.g. near the ports of Trier, Bremerhaven, Hamburg and Rostock, container terminals in Kornwestheim and Dornstadt, as well as in the Ruhr area).

Individual controls were also conducted in close proximity to the factories of car manufacturers and suppliers in Baden-Württemberg and in the immediate vicinity of large logistics companies.

The checks were carried out with the help of 107 BAG employees, who inspected a total of 317 vehicles. Of the 284 that were checked for compliance with cabotage regulations, 54 were found to have carried out cabotage, with 24 guilty of breaking cabotage regulations. As a result of the inspections, the BAG raked in a total of around € 24,550 in security deposits.

The BAG stress that further inspections are planned in the next few months in order to monitor compliance with cabotage regulations. They also add that continuation of these checks is an integral part of their future planning.

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